Here Is,The Last Guide to Social Media You Will Ever Need

Here Is,The Last Guide to Social Media You Will Ever Need

As the resident douchebag that is asked to give social media advice to every man/woman and their dog — because of a tiny bit of success online that was mostly an accident — it literally kills me to have the conversation.

Dudes in suits want to know the secret to social media so they can make money from it. Their intention is selfish, which is part of the problem.

They call me in and ask the following:

  • How do we do content?
  • Do we build a brand?
  • What’s the strategy?
  • How do we get customers?
  • What’s our story?

These questions make my eyes bleed and my tongue slide to the back of my throat, blocking my airway and causing a resuscitation event to occur.

First of all, strategy kills social media.

Second, the word content takes a beautiful piece of art and turns it into a lifeless, soulless, dry, cold, heartless act that blocks the world from ever hearing what you’re trying to say.

This Is How You “Do” Social Media:

  1. You freaking do it. Post on one social media platform daily.
  2. Stop telling people how good you are. We don’t care.
  3. Be helpful. Don’t save your best tips for a paid upsell.
  4. Get out of your own way. You are the problem, not the social media platform.
  5. There is no hack to social media.
  6. Be thoughtful with your posts.
  7. Expect criticism and embrace it. You don’t have all the answers.
  8. Quit looking for secrets. There are none. Write, film, record and tell the best stories with actionable advice/tips you can.
  9. You get better by doing it more. When I went from writing two blog posts a week to ten, the results increased ten times.
  10. Be prepared to commit a few years of your life to social media. This tip is the barrier to entry and where a lot of people fall over.
  11. Please stop asking for followers. Followers don’t make a wealthy person; your mind does.
  12. Don’t worry what sort of posts might get attention. You can’t possibly predict what works. Just focus on posting more.
  13. Transcend the selfie generation and join the selfless movement.
  14. Know that who you are on day one of committing to social media, will not be the same person when you look back. Social media is really a journey of growth in a person.
  15. Answer messages from the audience and build relationships. This is where the opportunities are when you open your eyes and put down the selfie pole.
  16. Don’t worry about money for a long time. Social media is very slow to show an outcome and that’s why the lack of instant gratification kills most people’s goal to participate.
  17. Play nice. Be nice. Be the same person you are in real life as you are online.
  18. Build up other writers/bloggers/vloggers on your way.
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